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Dear Mr. Mayor, I am

Dear Mr. Mayor,

I am enjoying my morning coffee right now. I like it kind of strong because it helps me wake up and be alert. I wish you were here so I could offer you some too.

In your comments, you say: "Nobody ever threatened the right of a citizen that took on the city in respect to an annexation lawsuit, ever," said Saffo. "For them to turn around and threaten cities because the cities are using their constitutional rights I think it's unfortunate."

Your constitutional right to sue isn't being taken away. If you feel so strongly about this, take out your own checkbook along with your supporters and go out and fight for your position as private citizens.

What is being denied to you is the ability to further squander taxpayer dollars in now vain attempts to gain money that is not yours to waste in the first place. Your office spent $700,000 on this land-grab. Heck, you would think that this is the first time ever that a large sum of taxpayer money was EVER wasted. Maybe this is a contingency that you and the City Council should have thought of before playing Santa Claus with taxpayer funds having parties and handing out bonuses...

As to the $700,000, who was actually paid this amount of money? How many hours did they spend working to earn this sum? What rate was charged to the city for these "services"?

This time, Mr. Mayor, the will of the people prevailed despite the process being heavily rigged in your favor. The unconstitutionality here that has been finally fixed is that you no longer have the right to take property from citizens without their consent.


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