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Cry Cry Cry

Ok, everybody who doesn't live in the city limits wants to rejoice and bash Saffo.....I have a solution for you. We'll set up tolls at the city/county lines and if your license doesn't have an address inside the city limits you can pay a toll to drive on our roads, help pay the power bill for the street lights & stop lights, for using the city parks. We'll increase sales taxes for people who live outside of the city limits in restaurants and at businesses bc the city had to pay for the infrastructure to give those businesses what they need to be able to operate.
All I keep hearing is "I moved into the county so I didn't have to pay city taxes." If that's the case, stop coming into the city!!!! You don't pay for it, so stay out. What the state has done is backhanded. If they want to make new rules about annexation, it should take effect for all new applications. Wilmington did everything by the book for the annexation the way it was layed out and at the last minute the state came in and said "well now you can't do it that way." That's like you building a house and the day the inspector comes they enact some new rule about zoning and tell you that you can't live in that house bc it doesn't meet the new zoning requirements. I understand you don't wanna pay extra taxes, times are tough.....but if you don't wanna pay for it, don't use it


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