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Guesty, to back-quote your

Guesty, to back-quote your premise in the post above:

"So since he mastered the ability to be born we should feel sorry for him? That argument holds no merit when the hood thug defenders try to use it and it doesn't work in this case either."

FIRST, you asked a question: "...we should feel sorry for him?"

NEXT, you provided a compound answer to the question you asked.

Consistent with your personal beliefs you claim: "That argument holds no merit when...defenders try to use it AND it doesn't work...either."

Your sentence is clear before the "AND". You state that the ARGUMENT is without merit. That's what you believe and I nor anyone else have any legitimate reason to question you on that.

The big BUT that needs to be exposed here is the conjoining of the phrase "it doesn't work in this case either."

The lack of clarity in your expression can be shown in answering EITHER of these questions which may be inferred from your statement.

Did you add the end phrase to additionally EMPHASIZE your position or did you add the end phrase to project vilifying characteristics on the person who died in custody?

Because my business partners and I are of different faith traditions we generally choose a secular charity for an annual contribution. Thanks to you, we chose Project Innocence!


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