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Victim Zone Mentality

For the life of me I can't understand those that insist on maintaining or creating "victim zones." I am no more likely to shoot someone at a ballgame at the park because I lawfully carry a concealed weapon as I am likely to grab a bat and knock them in the head! A criminal is a criminal. A lawful conceal-carry citizen is exactly that until proven otherwise. I would like to see the data that somehow proves that more lawfully vetted citizens that have been permitted to carry a concealed handgun increases violence. Any out there? Remember people, it is common sense. Ask yourself did the Columbine criminals have a permit? Did the criminal that "tried" to rob the store on Wrightsville Avenue have a permit? How about the criminal that tried to rob the store on Princess? Permit? Right, criminals don't seem to abide by the law. Oh I know, that's why they are criminals and that's why I carry not only one but two handguns. Oh the horror! I just don't get it but then again I have never understood the illness that is liberalism and it's disdain for citizens to lawfully have the ability to protect themselves and their families. Maybe "It's a victim thing. You wouldn't understand." Now there's a tee shirt! Maybe I could sell those on NPR, CNN, North Carolinians Against Gun Violence websites...hmmm.


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