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More assumptions and name calling?

Again with the name calling and assumptions Mike T. I am none of the individuals you seem to know. My "panties" are neither in a wad nor do I shake in my boots. I'm carrying, remember? And as for my faith it is well intact. I love my fellow man but am extremely aware of his God given free will to choose to do harm. I know God can protect me. I also know God can heal me. But I don't refuse to go to a doctor when I am sick! You don't worry about where my hand is unless you come towards me or my family with the intent to do harm. I trust that God will guide me and protect me as I choose to defend myself. It's like that old joke about the man on top of his house in a flood. God says,"I sent a helicopter, a boat, etc... to rescue you." Oh, and I never tried out for the fire department or any LEO agency either.


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