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u r crazy. i am still an

u r crazy. i am still an officer. old school deputy!! have been since 1986. u r going to hold off while she is still using the knife on the victim after being told to stop?? one more lick and it hits a main vein and he bleeds to death!!! then all would be saying, why didn't u shoot her?? arm chair quarterbacks are a dime a dozen. if you were a cop years ago u would have not even made this comment.i compose a sentence when i have time. maybe u cant comprehend a sentence in full. u r a bleeding heart liberal. probably got fired from being an officer for not " PROTECTING AND SERVING' is that not what this officer did???? the use of force that we have to read and sign each year in, in service training, for the says' use of force necessary to make the arrest,which means a little more force than they are using, or in the event of deadly force to protect yourself or the life of a third party. maybe u need to brush up your skills a little and get back out here in the real world. i have been in situations like this several times. most people comply, she didn't, he done what he needed to do. better check your dog there,see if he/she has a badge, my badge has 'Sergeant' on it. where is your badge? did you retire or they retire you and your dog??? if not you need to be retired.


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