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And the Internet jury says.........????

People, you were not there and I was not there. Plain and simple fact! Certainly a threat was going down that could be deadly as the man had been stabbed in the back! So, instead of all you TV (COPS) watchers setting down to your own little jury panel votes, and without any real facts to the matter, why don't you just shut the hell up and let the professionals (SBI) do their investigation?

You know it is so easy to sit all cosy and warm in front of your computer with not a care in the world (for your life or the life of a loved one) and think of all the things Popeye, Mighty Mouse, or some other cartoon hero would do? The vast many out there have never been in a position of a moments thought time could mean life and death. That is what the street cop has to deal with. And even the "professional" analyze this from the comfort of a meeting room far away from the actual event or any danger at all.

Bottom line, if she had complied and put the knife down, this story would not be in the news today because, NOT ONE PERSON WOULD HAVE BEEN INURED!


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