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My problem with this shooting

The officer obviously needs remedial firearms training. To have shot the poor victim in this while trying to shoot the perp is inexcusable. Sgt Tully obviously didnt have control of his weapon after the recoil of the 1st shot as he was aiming for center of mass on the perp (hitting her low apparently) so to shoot the victim as well means he had significant drift of his aiming point after the 1st shot he's lucky he didnt actually kill the victim honestly. All it takes is hitting the femoral artery and he'd likely never make it (this is what killed a Redskins player a few years back in a robbery). Not questioning his choice to use deadly force but when you make that choice you have to be able to utilize it properly and in this situation he didnt have full control of his weapon which is unfortuante overall.

Rule #1: Gun Control means hitting what you aim at and not losing control on recoil as standard rules for Deadly Force is 2 repeative shots aka Double Tap.

Rule #2: Innocent people can get hurt if you fail to adhere to Rule #1


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