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It amazes me to read all the comments and realize how many negative and judgmental people there are. You all assume, after reading a very short and incomplete article, that you have all the facts and details of a situation and you precede to pass judgement on the people involved. First of all, the article clearly stated that the SBI will do an investigation and there will also be an internal investigation based on Professional Standards as is protocol. Even when those investigations are complete, you will only be told in the media, what the results were. Some of the details will not be printed. And even then, YOU WERE NOT THERE!! We can all sit back and say what we would do in certain situations, but the truth is that what we say is what we would WANT to do, we wouldn't really know what we would do unless we actually were faced with the situation. My husband is an LEO and he would be the first to say that you have less than a second to make a decision. I think this man would be glad to have a bullet in the leg instead of a knife through his heart, I know I would!!! Less than a second.....think about that, then time it and think about having to make a life saving decision in that amount of time!! Stop passing judgement on others and leave that to God, it's His job anyway!! Thank you to all LEO's for All you do!!


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