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Your whole comment is so contradictory..

So you just called out Lynch's coaching ability and parents politicing for their kids playing time but kids should stay at Laney anyway so they can start? If Lynch cant coach as you say and Laney is losing to middle school type teams, why would any real athlete who wants to go to college stay at a failing program? The grass has never been green at Buctown. Athletes leaving from over there didn't just start this year, this has been going on for many years. Until Lynch leaves and you get the parents out of the coaches ear, then Laney can "possibly" build up a program over there. Angel gets his kids looks at colleges. How many colleges came over to Laney this year and watch you play and say "I am interested in you coming to play ball for me?" How many? yeah, how many film tapes has Lynch and his mob squad sent off for you? Only one kid on that team is "special" right now, too bad you choose to stay there so you can start because at the end of the day, thats what counts being on a losing team, being able to start? At the end of the year though, who will say I am glad I choose Laney when you guys wont even make it to playoffs. Parents and players are brainwashed over there if you keep thinking lynch is going to pull that magical season out of his butt when he hasn't done it in almost 30 years. Is that what Lynch is telling ya, that the grass aint greener over at Hanover? Someone is color blinded for sure! And when Hanover comes to Laney, we will sure remember to bring a bit of green grass just so you guys will know what a real basketball program looks like at Hanover!


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