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driving law

I think the idea of a log is silly because as stated by another here is no one going to lie. Of course some parents will lie in order to fast track their child. I do think that young drivers need to have more stringent requirements for getting their privilege to drive. I am requiring my child to have a job in order to assist in the cost of adding her to my policy. Its not that I cannot afford it but to show here that it is not a just a rite of passage. It costs money to own a car and to drive, she will appreciate the full effect. Young drivers are among the higher percentage group and as such should be highlighted.

Misdemeanors of less than 6 months... a littering conviction is a misdemeanor...should I go to jail for a first offense of littering? Tossing out a cigarette butt is littering so jail time is appropriate?

Let's address "distracted driving"... cellphones are the evil of all evils when this topic comes up but what about applying makeup, drinking coffee, singing to the radio, kids in the backseat, disgruntled spouses... these are all sources for distraction but I don't hear/read much about reducing these while driving.


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