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Save Sears and Kmart

Oakland County Business Association Inc Michigan
Box 222 Walled Lake, MI 48390 (248) 396-0396

December 26, 2011

Sears Holdings Corp
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Do you want shoppers, spending millions of dollars everyday in Kmart and Sears stores?

In a recent article in Mass Market Retailers noted that Kmart and Sears sales continue to slide.

Sears and Kmart stores have faded. There is never any positive news about either company in any industry trade publications. Neither company has any corporate identity. Recently, Kmart began marketing kitchen products under the Chef Gordon Ramsay name. Sears began exclusive marketing of Kardashian Kollection clothing and accessories. These marketing programs are the best new promotions either company has begun in well over 20 years. This past spring and summer, Sears advertised they beat Home Depot and Lowes for lawn equipment. This was also a great marketing program. However, sales and profits continue to slide at Kmart and Sears.

At one time, one of every two homes in America had a Kenmore appliance. Now it is less than one of every three homes with a Kenmore appliance.

Sears Holdings Corp should do is fire every employee at Kmart and Sears store! Employees at Kmart and Sears stores do not smile or greet customers. For the most part, your employees have bad attitudes. “The customer is always king”. Your employees don’t see it that way. Why do customers quit? Over 70% of customers quit shopping at a particular store because of employees attitudes of indifference. Many current employees of Kmart and Sears speak badly about the company they work for to customers. That must stop. Hire people that want to work at your stores and you will see the difference in sales and productivity.

Please pardon this, a well known catch phrase from the 1988 Academy Award winning movie: Rainman. In the movie Tom Cruise shouts: “Kmart sucks”. That is the general consensus of American shoppers. Shoppers vote with their dollars and where they shop.

Go into a competitors store, then go to a Kmart or Sears store. Which is more appealing? Make shopping fun, exciting and colorful. Kmart and Sears stores are dull and boring, not exciting and fun.

By implementing the Advanced Creative 2012 Advertising, Marketing and Merchandising programs immediately, sales and profits will increase significantly by summer 2012. This will be an unprecedented turnaround at Kmart and Sears stores.
Sales and profits will rise, shrink will be reduced and millions of customers will be shopping Kmart and Sears stores.

Your next! Fast, friendly service, discount prices and making shopping fun, consumers will shop and spend millions of dollars at Kmart and Sears stores. During 2011, thousands of shoppers all over Michigan were interviewed. Every person was asked to name their three favorite stores, neither Kmart or Sears were mentioned by anyone. In addition, you will gain extensive positive free publicity in all media: newspapers, television and radio.

Without new advertising, marketing and merchandising programs, Sears and Kmart will continue to lose customers and market share. How much longer can Sears and Kmart stay in business? Save Sears and Kmart, I can help.


Michael Spector
Advanced Creative


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