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As sad as it sounds, it will take someone like you not pulling over for an officer and causing a big scene before anything gets done. My guess is that some one gets hurt because of their fear of the Leland Police Department and outright disrespect they have. As I drive through Leland, I prepare myself for what I would do if I were stopped. I would first find a public place, dial 911 and then wait for the Sheriff to respond.

My neighbor had an incident where he did just that and the Leland Police actually left before the Brunswick County Sheriff could respond. I never heard that incident in the news but it did happen!

My thoughts on this are simple. Weather or not, Chief Jayne has done anything wrong is not even the question anymore. The problem is lack of confidence. Chief Jayne is a big Steelers Fan. What would happen to his beloved coach if 1/3 of the players quit. What would happen if a percentage of those filed lawsuits. What would happen to this leader if outside civil suits were lurking. That manager/coach would be fired.

Complaints to the US Justice Department are the only way this will get resolved. The SBI won't take citizen complaints and the Federal route will be the only way to get this issue resolved.


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