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Liar, Liar, Holman's Pants NOT on Fire

I know Blasingame personally and I have to say that he has a lying problem so bad that is beyond a personality flaw. He has some serious mental issues. I do not know first hand about some of these allegations, but I was not at all surprised when they were made public. The allegations are very believable considering what I have observed from this individual combined with other things about him I know to be fact.

Before anyone pulls the PTSD/service card, it is a person's individual responsibilty to seek mental health care, and if that person is so incapacitated that he cannot, then his family and supervisors should intervene. He is simply not fit for duty. Sorry, but true. Actually, he's a huge liability and for the life if me I do not know why he still has a job or why criminal charges have not been filed against him.


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