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RE: Boycott the Store

Being a store owner myself, I am not proud of carrying guns or arming the people that work for us, but can you imagine being a victim yourself. What are the options here: hand over the money that we keep, which is no more than fifty dollars, or fight back? What assurances do we have that we will not get shot after all? I personally remember a single father of three who had a store at 7th and Ann St., who cooperated with the demands of an armed robber 4 years ago, to be shot after that in the heart, leaving behind three orphaned children. Also, it is not to defend or protect our "pot of gold." There is no pot of gold here; we are barely keeping the lights on. You do not have to fear law-abiding citizens carrying means to protect themselves, but fear guns in the hands of hardcore convicted felons. If we have to shoot one of them, we will be asking God for mercy every second of our lives. Somebody has to take a stand. Today our stores, tomorrow your cars, and the day after, your home. You should not boycott the store, but provide them with your support. You should question our legal system that dumps convicted felons armed with deadly weapons, terrorizing our streets and neighborhoods


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