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I have known Mark for many

I have known Mark for many years, and was surprised to see how upset he looked after defending himself during this event. I have been involved with a hold up , it is not an event I would like to relive. At the time, I was thinking, "please don't shoot me", that is it. It is not about the amount of money at all, as an employee, it isn't technically your money. It is about getting this drugged out or otherwise desperate POS away from your body. Without training, give up the cash. With training, stop this thug from carrying out his mission. In my case the man came back 2 weeks later, to everyone's surprise. The store owner ended the mess- equaling a five year sentence. These types don't stop until they are jailed or dead (Spider-man). I always thought I knew what I would do, until it happened. I would have no problem stopping a person dead in their tracks to save a fellow citizen from the nightmares of armed-robbery. That fear can ruin a life. Thankfully, mine was changed for the better.


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