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I am ashamed to even be on

I am ashamed to even be on here right now. I am done with WWAY from now on. Since the new owners have taken over this site has gone down hill. The whole station has gone down hill. I have looked at all stories on here and seen many people who dislike this station now. WWAY used to be my favorite news site and now it is the worse. I have lived here my whole life and I can't believe that ya'll report the worst stuff ever. Why mess with a movie star who is bringing extra money and a movie here to our town? The more you talk crap about him and his lifts Really? What is that? It has nothing to do with you or your station. I blame the station manager for allowing this report to even be posted or aired on the T.V. If you mess with the wrong people they can pick up and leave and find another town who is willing and able to let them film. Speaking from a person who is looking for a job right now You suck!! Leave this town alone with all of your negativity. We don't need it or want it anymore. I have time on my hands now to boycott your station and run the new owners out. We liked the station the way it was years ago and don't like it now at all. I am not just speaking for myself look at the stories on here and you do the math!!! Such a shame.


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