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To Taxpayer

Me ashamed NEVER. I grew here you must have flown here now you can fly the hell right back outta here. I have watched this television news reporting station go to hell in a hen basket for the past few years. They half way report stories on here and never give you the full facts. They get off on people ranting on here about stupid stuff. Posting a stupid comment over what he wants for the movie is pointless. If you go and look at the other stories about Iron Man you will see where they have talked crap about him. You don't think that what they say will get back to the movie people in general? It does and it makes us all look like hicks in this town. Wilmington should have never had grown this fast. The problems our town is having could have been avoided. But, no WWAY still continues to make people want to act negative. They report on things and leave out important information and never go back and give all the story or they also never let you know the outcome. It is sad what this town has to endure as it is. Everytime I get on here and read a story it is negative always. I am sad at how my home town has gone downhill. Schools here are rotten, people are rotten to the core. You never see anyone saying Hi how are you anymore. People here are too scared to even make eye contact anymore. It just does not help for them to keep the negativity going. Their rant section on the tv is just as bad. Have you seen it? When i was growing up we didnt have that. It was news and not ranting. Get back to the positive side with the negative that was what I was trying to say. It is bad enough that the young ones growing up today have to see such negative mess. No wonder they are all messed up. I feel sorry for society now. You obviously know someone who works or runs the station. I won't be wasting my time on here anymore. Wilmington Good Luck with the haters and the negative people. God Bless.


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