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I love how you begin this

I love how you begin this article, trying to make excuses as to why you find this newsworthy, after other comments on a related article question the newsworthiness of this article.

Just because the video was put on YouTube, does NOT mean it's newsworthy. The parent is concerned about how this video can affect the future of her daughter and I understand that as a parent myself. And I hope they do seek legal action and follow this through to make sure this doesn't happen again to their daughter. I feel sorry for all parties involved.

However, this is still just a school fight. You putting this story on the air and online does nothing but bring more negative attention to the matter at hand. Kids get into fights everyday at schools. And a lot of immature kids post videos of these fights on YouTube. But that doesn't make it newsworthy. Had you not reported on the video I'm sure 99.9% of the public would never have known it existed. If you ask me, you're contributing to possibly more damage of this young lady's future. I don't know if the video stated the girl's name but you're article has, thus drawing more attention to her.

With the pattern of TMZ-like reporting that is going on at WWAY, are you guys actually resorting to searching YouTube for "newsworthy" reports?


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