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Teach your child how to fight like a wild animal.

I am very familiar with the TT's of this world.

A Bully needs a crowd of people to see his/her work in action. They gain their strength from other people watching the fight and encouraging them on. A bully cannot stand alone. If you get the TT's of this world by herself in a corner somewhere, she will squirm like a little scared puppy. I can bet you anything that TT is enjoying all of the attention that she is getting from being a bully. Attention gives the idiot strength to do something else. If TT was ignored, she would not have any power at all.

Teach your child how to fight like a wild animal, because they are going to school with wild animals each day. When they walk out of our doors, they are faced with gangsters, children of crack heads and meth users. Jealous and evil girls with hygiene problems raised by some parents who do not have any morals.

Do not expect the school to protect your child. Teach them how to protect themselves and beat the living tar out of the TT's of this world.


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