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My child attended Laney.....

My child attended Laney..... Because we READ THE SCHOOL RULES in the school handbook....( you know the one they give to EVERY student during the FIRST week of school) we had a LONG discussion PRIOR to the school year starting that under NO circumstaces were they to ever fight back. PERIOD end of discussion.It CLEARLY states in the HANDBOOK that if you hit someone EVEN after they have hit you, it makes you just as guilty!!!! And for ANY child over 16 it means COURT!!...... FIRST thing we taught our children is DISIPLINE!! It takes alot of self control.....ALOT not to return a punch in anger.....And to the mother that is "worried" what the future holds for her child because of what may be "googled" in the future.....the same will hold true for the other child in question, it is very sad that these two young ladies do not know any better than to be invovled in such matters. They should have been involved in Band, Flags, Cheerleading, any one of the MANY extra activities that Laney does offer. And as for the parents... EVEN IF YOU WORK, could/can be invovled in the PTA.... maybe with a "parental presence" at the school your girls would not have been involved in this whole situation. Looks like the "google" search will more than likely be a MUGSHOT!


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