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Guest 1946,

Are you serious? You have no idea what you are talking about. Parents don't want this to go to court. They are forced for it to go to court. When kids get into fights now regardless if they are defending theirselves or not, it goes to court. The resource officers are involved not just the principal and their parents you know. It is immediately turned over to the resource officers and they make the charges. Then, the kids have to go downtown to the Juvenile Court and see a person of the court. Then, that person makes the judgment if it goes in front of a judge or not. What happened to go to the office see the principal your parents get called and then the punishment is dealt with? Now, it is this NO Tolerance crap. Like that is really helping. Kids are fighting at a higher rate now and they are more evil than ever when they do it. This time it was a one on one situation. But, that is far and few between anymore. The gang of kids nowadays are all saying Come get your one but the one turns into 6 or more of them on one person. Then, the kid gets stabbed or shot. I find all the high schools here over rated. Who cares anymore about the prom, senior trip, homecoming, football games and ect... That is why my child at the start of second semester is leaving her school and going to the adult high school at Cape Fear. If she wants all that after school activities I will throw them for her and her friends. Because high schools are overated and full of thugs. But, good luck to the ones who are stuck there and have to spend six hours a day around it. By the way THUG to me means all walks of life not just one race and age. There are good kids out there who want to be there and succeed, it is a shame the Thugs can't be kicked out. Here is a new rule for the school board, "One time of breaking the No tolerance rule THEY are out". Not the first time you get In school suspension, second time one day outta school, third time 2 days outta school, and fourth time we talk to your parents about ten days out. It is a shame what this has all come to. God Bless us all in this day and age.


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