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how to kill a snake

Earl thank you for having the balls to stand up to all of this S*&T that is going on in this little COMMUNIST TOWN. Now dont get pissed at me four saying that........... Just think about it the Chief does what he wants, when he wants, to who he wants, fires who he wants.....Hits who he wants then fires that officer...Think about this the lewis case has been about 7 months ''''' Our socalled Chief had a Investigation on her case and our socalled #%*&#$@ Chief said that they didnt find any wrong doing.... His socalled Investigation didnt check with officer lewis doctors. did not look at the photos of her injuries. And this socalled Chief witch has to be as dumb as a rock. didnt sit down on his brains or azz the same, and think like a real Chief would do. A real Chief would think something is not right with this Investigation. But knowing this dumb azz of a Chief he didnt or he is so dam dumb and couldnt read it. He knew that something did happen because he called officer lewis with in a hour of the training inncident....if thats what you want to call it..Hay Dumb AZZ Chief ...NEWS FLASH it aint over. YOU MAY THINK YOUR SAFE FROM ALL OF THIS SH6T THAT YOU HAVE DONE..NOTTTTTTTT (IT IS WHAT IT IS)...LIKE I SAID TO KILL A SNAKE YOU CUT THE HEAD OFF...YOUR THE HEAD OF THE SNAKE AND BUDDY YOUR AZZ IS GOING DOWN AND DOWN HARD. NOT FROM US IN LELAND BUT THE FBI - SBI- AND IM NOT TELLING WHO ELSE THAT IS GOING TO BITE YOU IN THE AZZ OR REAL CLOSE UR BRAIN ( AZZ - BRAIN U SIT ON BOTH) YOU THINK BECAUSE NOT A THING IS BEING SAID ABOUT YOU OR YOUR AZZ KISSERS ITS OVER....THE JOKES IS ON YOU...SO GET READY TO HIDE AGAIN LIKE THE BIG BAD CHIEF YOU ARE..... bIG bOY GET YOUR WALL READY WHEN YOU GO TO A TOWN MEETING UR GOING TO NEED IT TO HIDE AGAIN...its not over


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