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Leland Police Department

Would just like to extend a hearty good job to my brothern in blue with the Leland Police Department. I know there are plenty of people out there that question the manner in which you enforce the law who are too afraid to go get trained and learn how to enforce said laws from the inside. They resort to local press mediums that feed off of peoples over active imaginations as well as their lack of adult supervision. I have to question their own integrity and honor with what they are trying to change or if their so called self righteous actions are some sort of vendetta.

I would like to ask a few questions to the "movement" people and pickey. What happened to presumption of innocence? Why don't you post all responses and not just a "select" few that fuel your intentions?

Do you know what happens to news agencies and reporters that go out of their way to try and embarass people or others? They are found out of the loop and not given information. This is how WWAY and their competation generally works. If they are not given information that suffices, they fabricate to sensalize the story.

Do work Leland Police Department, your "brothers" got your back.


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