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You sir are misinformed!

I don't know if a retired firefighter can judge whether or not a Law Enforcement Officer has the right to point his service weapon at another fellow officer's head and say bang. Or better yet walk into an office and point his service weapon at another officer's chest and say bang. As a citizen I would just like to say I don't believe he should and then keep his job. As one who really knows the extent of what these guys are capable of everyone within the jurisdiction of Leland Township you need to be keeping your head down and your powder dry. You must not have been keeping up with what is really going on. Read more and more of only what the administration has come out with not just the media. They are the ones that have made statements and committed crimes that will not be unanswered!If you have these guys back then you need to join up with them and be one of their boys! They would harass you, retaliate and discriminate against you too!
Just one more thing Mr. Blasingame has stated several times in public that if he ever got pushed into a corner he would start shooting until everyone was dead and then claim it was his "condition" and get off of any charges that might come his way. This is the kind of guy you are behind. Really?? These guys are your brothers??? You are really sad!
Vicadan and oxycotin are his best friends given to him by our government. Check into it? Steroids??????????????
Go ahead Scott we need to topple this regime!

P.S. Any third grader could tell you that pointing a gun at anybody without probable cause is not only stupid but very, very dangerous!


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