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If you want to be man or lady with a brain

you post here, with the courage it takes to mock anyone, while hiding behind anonymity and a gang of weak coawards who need you too, your oversized arse unable to fit your cubicle chair, aware like everyone who knows you that you are just a timid little coward, 300 pounds of LOSER...covered in ketchup dripping from yer open mouth and with a lap full of Doritos crumbs in yur overweight, lap full of lipids and no stones.

Stones are earned. Diplomas are too, maybe you saw one once at a cousin's house, since your obviously fake machismo can't hide that you never passed 8th grade. Wonder Why?

Is it because you've never read the Good Book, and pride yourself on mocking those who (legally or illegally) accomplish more in a day than you will acheive in a lifetime. Makes you mad, don;t it. How inferior you are...YOU REVEAL YOUR IDENTITY: "low class trash, low intelligence, no humanity, no courage, no honor, no cajones, the Port City's home for juvenile cowards is perfect for adolecents. Your 40, give or take, going on your mom and dad must be so proud to have a son (or daughter), who's greatest acheivement in life is a cowardly rip on somebody that had guts, brains, probably very few but SOME honorable, all smart enough to keep ketchup drool off thier shirts and doritos grease out of their lap.

Maybe if you lose that gut instead of pathetically making stupid jokes with no guts, life will improve for you and eventually maybe grow a pair like those who put themselves out in public while you run and hide. Get a job, volunteer, soon you;ll have a life and potential.


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