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Airport cabs vs city cabs.. airport is better, hands down

The non W Cabs, and in particular those certified by the ILM Airport, undergo heavy regulatory measures, that the Kats taxis, Port City Taxis and the Mr.Taxis and other W Numbered Taxis do not, such as but not limited to
- Not permitted to wear Denim Jeans
- Security Clearance by the US Department of Defense.
- Made to wear collared shirts only
- First to utilize 10 year background checks instead of 5
- No smoking permitted in cabs while at the Airport
- Drug Tests annually and randomly
- Inspected Meters quarterly
- ILM Inspected Taxi Cabs 4 times a year (Wilmington has yearly Inspections)
- Background checks from current state and state of original birth
- Not permitted to wear Denim Jeans

The Cabs are also held to a higher standard, being checked quarterly & randomly throughout the year rather then, as W numbered Taxis - just once a year. Airport permitted Taxis must be free of major dents, must be clean and have meter certification, along with being tested for accuracy.

Personally, the writer of this letter, I myself have been parked behind W Numbered Cabs, they are dirty, some people urinate in them, they are not free from major dents, the exhaust system on one W Numbered cab smelt as though the converter had been removed - to save gas. There are stories, of some W Numbered Cab Drivers, who are the “Go To” for Narcotics and Escorts.

Please remember Wrightsville Beach is not plagued with the same over crowding, DUIs, fights, robberies and rapes of opportunity as Wilmington Downtown is. Please view for yourself any weekend how awful it is to be a Citizen Downtown. Lets not bring the long lines, raised DUIs and raised incidents of fights to Wrightsville Beach.. Let us feed our families while you retain a choice for your Citizens, for the cleaner, truly safer Taxis, the Non W ILM permitted cabs.


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