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I must....

I must respectfully disagree with some of the points you made. Before I explain why, I wish to congratulate and thank you for your post because it was provocative and non-confrontational. It's clear you want to discuss this issue in an attempt to create a real and lasting situation, and not just line your own pockets.

My job requires me to frequently call for taxis for people in this area who need them. I have a list of the companies that are legally allowed to operate taxis. I rotate through that list equally. Facts learned from my perspective: There are ALWAYS delays in getting a cab to the person needing one. I always ask for an estimated time of arrival, and I can assure you that it is NEVER immediate. In addition, the taxi dispatchers almost ALWAYS sound harried and frequently agitated because they are under a lot of pressure due to demand for taxis. For these reasons, I disagree with the notion that more permits is not part of the solution. Based on my extensive experience in dealing with taxis, there simply are not enough taxis available to meet the demand. If more legitimate taxis were on standby at places that you mentioned, such as the airport, the illegal taxis would soon find no room.


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