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illegal cabs

One day soon an illegal taxi will run a red light and hit someone and run. There will be plenty of witnesses who will identify it as "XYZ TAXI". But the police will look it up and say "we have no record of an XYZ TAXI." Or a uncw student will get robbed and raped late one friday night. Or any other horrible thing could happen because these cabs are allowed to run around every night unlicensed. They're already out there. Some have been running for several years with no city license. These people knew when they bought, metered, and lettered their vehicles that there were no more W#'s left in the city. They chose to break the law. In some cases, because they knew they couldn't pass the city background/drug test. They are running an illegal, unlicensed business. The same as anyone that sells drugs or burned DVDs. Except noone in WPD is even trying to stop them. They say that it is unfair and they aren't allowed to work in a "right to work" state. Not true. At any time they could go apply for a job with a licensed company and work for them. Kats, Letts, Yellow, and Port City are always hiring. Again, they CHOOSE to operate illegallly.


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