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Brunswick County Abandoned Hounds

Scott and Cliff....

Watched the report about lost or abandoned hounds and it's probably one of the biased, one sided stories I have ever seen.
I own several hounds myself and take better care of them than most people do their children. I have lost several hounds in the past few years, the hounds that I have lost all had I.D. collars, GPS Tracking Collars and Wildlife Tracking Collars. The problem is people from more "northern" states think that hunting deer with hounds is in-humane so they blow their horn as they pass you on the roadside, swerve at you as they go past, flip you off, and if they catch your hound remove their collars (a misdemeanor offense in NC) and turn them over to a animal rescue agency, which in instances like Paws Place in Boilings Spring Lakes, will not let you adopt a dog unless every dog in the household is fixed and can't breed. This even includes World Champion bird, fox, raccoon and bear hounds...if they aren't fixed then you are a bad dog owner. So what happens?? They sit in cages for years on end @ facilities like Paws Place. Sure there are bad hound owners but the major problem in this area is ignorance and people that think the hounds do not enjoy what they do. We love our hounds and the time that we get to spend with them in the field.


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