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Hunting dogs left behind...

I can't understand Brunswick County Animal Services position on tis problem. Since moving here in September of 2005 I have noticed many abandoned or lost hound dogs alongside our road ways. It was very obvious to me that these dogs were left behind by hunters who keep packs in a cage set in the bed of their pickup trucks. I've done a lot of hunting myself but never used dogs unless I was bird hunting; and then I used Labrador bird dogs. I know they send the pack into the woods on one side to stir up and get deer and hogs on the run to the other side where the hunters are waiting. It's a shame these dogs are neglected. I wonder whatever happened to the old fasion way of tracking; and sitting in tree stands waiting for the game to cross. If people are going to run dogs they should put electronic collars on them so they can be located and brought home with the rest of the pack. For those that deliberatly leave dogs behind; shame on you! The Bible is clear on how man should treat animals; from Genesis through Jesus' ministry. In fact; In Jonah 4:11 God clearly shows his concern for animals when he admonishes Jonah for his lack of concern over the inhabitants of Nineveh, "not to mention the many cattle?" God will punish those that mistreat animals!


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