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I am one of these people who

I am one of these people who have personally seen the effects of the hunters leaving their dogs in the woods. I had two of them living at my house for up to 9 months because of it. I watched them the day they were walking up from the backwoods where I live in BSL. They stayed at my house, never bothered a soul. Very skinny but very sweet hearted dogs. Wouldnt let us pet them at all but were very happy living here. One of them ran off one night chasing me up the road. He ended up at the park and then eventually captured and brought to paws place. The female stayed at the house for a couple more months til we finally trapped her in a fence and then they came and got her. She is now at Paws Place. I miss those dogs for sure. Dont understand how people can treat dogs this way and its not just when the hunting season is over. It is all year round wiht them living in horrible conditions not getting fed so they will hunt better. Those dogs eat once a week. Its awful. Dog hunting should be illegalized quick. Otherwise this issue is never gonna stop. The 2 dogs that were taken to Paws Place are the dark brindle looking dogs. Long floppy ears, they have some meat on their bones now, tall hound looking. Sweetest dogs. Very stubborn but very playful and happy dogs.


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