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Let me just start by saying

Let me just start by saying shame on everyone that has such narrow minded ideas about hunters, the sport of hunting and these beautiful creatures (hunting hounds). Certainly there are times when these hounds get lost and possibly never recovered, but let me tell you that I know several hunters and yes they grew up in this wonderful area (hillbillies they are not)! No matter they have tracking collars and all pertinent information on the collars and they stay until late in the night trying to track them and go back and track the next day because they want their dog back....they are loved and cared for and never miss a meal. A hunter that I know had a hard time finding one of his last hounds and finally found her and the antenna was broke off and thats why he couldn't get a signal. These hunters love the outdoors (the hunt) deer or no deer and the sound of their dogs running and yes...even the dogs love it! You critical negative people need to see the positive in hunting and get these caring hunters off your sh*t list!! There are going to be BAD APPLES in every sport......I'm very sorry for the ones that get left behind or starved purposely but there are dogs all over this county and beyond that are mistreated every day that are not hunting does that mean no household should own a pet because some are abused....come on let's get real!!!


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