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I'm so tired of narrow

I'm so tired of narrow minded, critical people who are totally clueless. I know several hunters, one of which is my husband, and they take great care of their dogs. They have tracking collars and all the pertinent information on their collars. They sometimes do get too far away from their camp but these men search all night and then go back the next day searching because they want their dogs back...they certainly don't want anything to happen to them and sometimes it does and is very sad! These hunters love the outdoors, the hunt (deer or no deer) listening to their dogs run....and believe it or not the dogs love it! So let's get to the real reason these holier than thou people say these things about how badly hunting dogs are's not totally about the dogs...they just don't like hunting period. Am I right?? sure I am. Oh and these hunters that I know were raised here too and sissy's they are not...they are real men and not dumb hillbillies like some would like to think. There will always be BAD APPLES in any sport...or in life period but you don't judge everyone by that! So if some hunters treat their hounds bad you think all hunters shouldn't have dogs..what sense does that make?? Do you realize how much animal cruelty there is in this county alone, much less in the country? So, does that mean no household should have a pet?? Let's get serious. Please don't speak out unless you've witnessed the good along with the bad.......


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