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Running Deer with dogs SHOULD be banned ASAP!

I whole heartily agree with Joe Bob, running deer with dogs SHOULD be banned!!! I hunt on private land in Bertie County, NC and the land owner does NOT allow running dogs on their land. Regardless, I've had dogs run deer right by me countless times simply because these so called "hunters" just let the dogs run and hope they run a deer to them. That's SLOB HUNTING and completely LAZY in my opinion. I spend hours and even days tracking deer, learning their patterns, reading their signs, and hopefully if I'm blessed and my work was complete, I will get a clear shot at that deer I've been following for the entire season, and yes, ONE CLEAN SHOT! I just don't see the sport of letting dogs run while they sit and wait for them to come out then un-load their guns at them blindly hoping to connect and maybe kill it! Whatever happened to what I was taught when I was growing up and first introduced to hunting? That was that every hunt is sacred! That animal is un-willingly giving it's life to feed our family and should be shown respect and no part wasted! NOT chased all over God's creation running for it's life then shot on the run till it finally falls. I've also read, "I use a shotgun so I can kill them faster". That brings up another VERY important rule that I learned in my early days of hunting, "Know your target AND BEYOND"! How can you say that while your tracking that deer running at full speed, pulling the trigger over and over that your looking beyond the deer and paying attention to where every pellet or bullet is going? If you can, you must be super hunter because I know that when I'm taking aim at that deer I've been watching I have a hard enough time JUST controlling my heart from pounding and climbing out of my throat! Many have said, "how do you know till you try it?" or "if I didn't have the dog, I would've lost the deer". Well, all I can say is, if you made a clean and ethical shot then the deer shouldn't need to be tracked with dogs, you would have a good, short blood trail and easy recovery! I have lost deer in the past and that was simply due to my own error from taking a shot that I shouldn't have! I learned the hard way to let them walk if you cannot make a clean, humane kill. I'm not just talking out of my rear here, I have tried deer drives with a club one year and one year only! The only difference was that club drove with people and not with dogs but the outcome was the same. Many wounded animals, does and fawns shot when only bucks were allowed and then just pushed under a bush to rot! There's just NO sport there and certainly NO respect or fair chase for the animal. In closing, I will simply say that any idiot can unload a gun blindly and hope to kill, but a single clean shot is MY way! "One Shot, One Kill" The Sniper's Creed.


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