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so heres whats gonna happen

so heres whats gonna happen to this person for standing up to whats right at work......the reason she's on leave is that this bozo is digging up some sort of reason to fire this nice lady and they're doing it so they can throw it up in her face and there's nothing she can do. like i was told this is a right to work state and the piece of useless pile of meat i turned in tried to write me up and turn that in as a reason for me not to get unemployment but you know it didnt work because i was able to get it they read through the lines of what he was trying to do. and because im a good person i didnt need it anyway i was only out of work a week so keep your head up McNeil they wont bring you down they didn't bring me down either i've bought all the worthless clowns a ticket on the karma train!!!! and you know who you are!!!


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