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Animal Control Director

I am a former county employee---working in Human Services at DSS until I reached retirement age several years ago. Also I have had many dealings with animal control especially with the previous director.
I held a job position in a department where emotions ran high just because of the nature of the job from the public. It required a level headed director which I feel I was fortunate to have.
The Animal Control Department is also a department that can cause emotions to run high with the public and I found dealing with Jean McNeil, speaking here as a citizen, a refreshing change to the previous director. I just think that it was easier prior to Jean McNeil to bow the political pressure of the health board that so often left already victimized animals--many of whose only crime was to have been owned by irresponsible owners. I think Jean McNeil works well with the citizens of our county and has their respect and support. I find her focused on her job and very fair in her dealings with the public. She inherited a mess when she took over as Director of Animal Control and has given this department and its employees the much needed respect it had been lacking. It is a thankless job at times and cooperation among the various other county offices is imperative for it to run effectively. Internal political bickering and bullying has no place in any of our agencies.
The Health Director of our counties Health Dept is no different. He works for the citizens of New Hanover County 1st and foremost. I think he is being childish to say the least and needs to step up here and work with Jean McNeil and put aside his personal agenda, whatever it is. You sir work for all citizens in this county and you are not there to play games with employees livelyhoods. Why can't you deal with the issue or issues Jean McNeil has rightfully brought to your attention? This appears to look like you are protecting your ego rather than being a good "team player" as is so often preached by management who have hidden agendas. Ya know there are some health scores in many restaurants that are questionable---your attention could be used there.. I hope you are not pandering to the political aspirations or careers of elected county commissoners some of whom have been there way too long and are so very out of touch with the citizens they serve. You are loosing sight of the other employees who make much much less than you and work just as hard if not harder to deliver services to county citizens. I can say I truly miss the clients I use to serve. The residents of New Hanover County are remarkable people and I was honored to have been allowed to serve them and help them. But I in no way miss the bureaucratic garbage and political bickering and backstabbing within agencies. I am impressed that Jean McNeil stood up for her employees regarding their overtime. I am sure it would have been easier for her to not make waves and let the issue of overtime pay die for those employees. But it appears she has stood up for those employees. How does that saying go? The only thing needed for evil to exist is for good people to do nothing......If she is standing up for what is right for her employees you can count on her to stand up for the citizens and animals as well. I am paying attention to your job performance adn the performance of our county commissioners.. It is time for good people to stand up.


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