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What you're not

What you're not understanding is that these issues have gone on for twelve years or so. The issues of employee's pay and violence in the workplace that you are hearing about are the latest incidents. And she decided to make her stand here and now. Twelve years of compromising, negotiating, and hoping wasn't going anywhere. What you also don't understand is how many conferences, meetings, and letter writings it took to get to this point. And Mr. Rice's response - because she isn't going to give up what is right - is to use his powers and authorities and push her out the door, like he's done so many other times. It's interesting to see how many folks use blogs to share garbage; it seems everyone has a gripe to share. I assure you, if you knew the facts like I do, your attiude would be completely different. I'm also amazed at how many people don't understand that when you have taken every possible course to make things right - even to the point that you're being set up for termination - demonstrates you have done everything remotely possible within the system. And the system forces you to make one last stand in the public view. Isn't it courious when a bully picks a fight with you, he tries to also make the rules on how you must fight?


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