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Reading your statement reminds me of John Lennon's "Imagine," because I think you want to believe in that fairy-tale.
What part of my statement wasn't true? They're both from different parts of the country that definitely have a different dynamic socially and economically than here. I knew someone would step up with a idiotic "white hood" statement. Maybe you need to learn the definition of a racist. I have the same skin color as these men. Flawless logic you have there.
I have no fear of different, and I don't hate those that are. I'm sure that's a concept that someone like yourself would like to think you have down-pat(see your statements above). I do have a problem when mental midgets such as Berger get into his position and refuse to do the right thing, and resign. I just think in order to run for a political office in a state, you should be from that state. Just like if you run for president of this country, you should be from this country.

Not that I have to justify my opinion on the internet to complete strangers or anything...


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