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The driver did NOT "get what

The driver did NOT "get what he deserves" as some of the other comments have indicated. NO one deserves to die due to and automobile accident. There are MANY "medical" reasons (at the age of 61) that can be the cause for the driver to have crossed over the line. Maybe he was tired from having to work long shifts from a job, these are facts that have NOT yet been disclosed. It is very sad indeed that this individual has lost his life, leaving behind friends and family that will miss him. I do believe IF alcohol was involved it will (in time) be disclosed when the toxicology reports are finished.

To those out there that have been involved in Driving while Under the Influence, then YES, the HARSHEST punishment should be passed down. But sadly it won't...New Hanover County has gotten VERY SLACK on passing any harsh sentences on people who are charged with DUI. EXAMPLE: Several First offenders who have been stopped at "road blocks" are "bonded" in the magistrate van and don't even spend one night in jail, most don't even get a mugshot....not too big of a scare for those that Drink and Drive. The District Attorney is ALRIGHT with letting someone who can hire an attorney, pay a fine.....just walk.....NO JAIL TIME.


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