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I'm not saying Mr. Furr was

I'm not saying Mr. Furr was under the influence because I don't know and this comment has nothing to do with him at all but I've said this before and I''m saying it again now....anyone who gets behind the wheel and drive after drinking should serve some serious time in jail, "FIRST OFFENSE, NO EXCUSES, NO EXCEPTIONS!! The way the laws are written now one can get one of these slick lawyers, pay a fine and get a restricted driver's license to drive to work and back to a bar if they want to. This needs to stop, too many people are dying needlessly, all because of somebody else's stupidity. If the legislature wants to do something, they can start by putting some real teeth in the DWI law because there is absolutely NO reason to drive after drinking alcohol. If the law is changed it would probably have a negative effect on what lawyers earn but if they have to get a second job to make ends meet, so what!!


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