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,Re-Elect Brian Berger

Don't criticize Mr. Berger. Sure he has his faults but he works for the people of New Hanover County. It wasn't his fault that his ex-girlfriend was wacko and did him wrong. She just used him. He tried to make it right and she did him wrong. He has to deal with racist like Jonathan Barfield who uses the race card and cut Mr. Berger off before he can do the right thing. Mr. Berger should call the FBI and have an investigation into the behavior of New Hanover County Government. If you keep up with the news and see what Brian Berger has been doing, you would notice that he is a hard working man and everyone puts him down. And about his license, he was not notified that he had a fee he had to pay, big whoop, it happens, but it is good now. Everyone speeds in Wilmington and if you travel alot you will get pulled over sooner or later. Why are they even thinking about his house being repoed? That Is nobody's business but him. Can WWAY find some real news? Why does it take 2-3 years to investigate R.C. Soles. Why aren't the "Investigative Reporters" (Cracky) trying to find out who killed the guy on River Road? If the politicians want they can their buddies audit you every years at tax time to make you look bad so that way the good ol' boys can stay in office. Let him do his job and quit criticizing a good man.


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