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We ALWAYS have choices!

If Miss Chrissy so dearly loves her children and so desperately wants to be with them, she wouldn't have CHOSEN to join up with a drug dealing thug and become a heroin dealer. This was a cognitive, decisive CHOICE, not a MISTAKE.

I get sick and tired of you criminal supporters attempting to justify felonius criminal activity as "mistakes" and describe to the remainer of law-abiding citizens how good of a person these criminals are and that their years of drug dealing, money laundering and poking their arms with needles are a "mistake".

I also take issue with your statement that, "Very sad that people take pleasure in other people's misery". Here's another fact for you to pack in your pocket of "sincere support" for her: The people take GREAT pleasure with the elimination of yet another pack of heroin dealers that infiltrate our society and our children with a venomous drug intended ruin entire families lives for the sake of a dollar.
There my dear, supportive friend is what the public takes great pleasure with!!!


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