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She's A Drug Dealer

I refuse to feel sorry for anyone who sells drugs…period.

She has been convicted of several drug offenses in the past, and she has now moved on to selling that poison. She knew what she was getting into when she did that. She placed her children in extreme danger; she has chosen drugs over her own kids. Someone else’s child may have died from drugs SHE sold, and there may some parent grieving for their dead child now because of her.

Yes, everyone makes mistakes. I married the wrong man, and I quit a couple of jobs that I should have kept. But I NEVER used or sold drugs, and I NEVER placed my children in harm’s way because of my decisions. I NEVER chose to risk losing my children for drugs.

Quit making excuses for this woman and let her take responsibility for her own actions. Maybe it’s not too late for her. Maybe, if everyone quits trying to baby her, she can grow up, face this crisis like a grown up woman, and start her life over again fresh. But people making excuses for her won’t help her do that.

This was the largest drug bust in the whole history of New Hanover County. You need to really put it in perspective and understand that this girl is probably going to be going away for a long, long time. Her children may be grown by the time she gets out...and it may very well be the best thing that could ever happen to her to help her straighten up her life and give her children a future.


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