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dontworry, I'm sorry you

dontworry, I'm sorry you have to see and put up with all this negativity. Its offensive to me that people would force their opinion about something they know nothing of. I dont know if your brother and his girlfriend were addicts or not, but heroin doesnt discriminate. Its easy for people to point fingers and talk down to those who have fallen victim to this drug in some way or another, calling us all "trashy scum" and "junkies"...but in reality they have no right to pass judgement. Those who chose to use or involve themselves with this drug have the right to make this personal choice, and if it comes down to it, they also accept the consequences. Believe me, nobody wants to be a heroin addict. Its not a fun lifestyle, and it sneaks up on you faster than you know. Have you people ever felt the pain of withdrawal? Have you had to stab yourself a million times just to feel normal again? Im sure a lot of people are sick today because of this...It may be self-inflicted but its not like a "flu". Its pure, trecherous, awful misery and ALL you want to do is make it stop. Throughout the years and my experiences, I have gotten to know and love several "trashy scum bag junkies" and each and every one of them has been a beautiful, unique person. My prayers are with you dontworry, stand up for what you believe in and ignore all the rest. After all, he is still your brother no matter what, and i support your decision to support him.


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