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I have been knowing Newkirk all his life and he was brought up by a very strong BLACK WOMAN and a good hardworking mother that has work hard to do everything to raise her kids to do the right thing.Now we all know that it's hard out here with the different temptations that our kids can get into, (BLACK,WHITES,HISPANIC),or what ever race you may be .But i do know that if NEWKIRK has done this you better believe that this had to be (Escalating) for sometime and instead of people stepping up and talking to both parties they sat back and let it play out (Someone knew what was going on).Now someone is dead, that's what our young folks like watching. These things accur at Basketball,Football games even in school and different events.Everybody likes to see a good fight,but these kids don't fight with there hands anymore because they are scared that there repatation will be (Punked)some sit down with there parents i'm saying some of them and watch to much TV/MOVIES now look what we have here something that neither parents can fix.Who's to Blame in this situation everybody that was in the area everybody that knew about it that let this happen if you were there and did nothing remeber Mr.Williams and keep in your mind if or what could i have done to stop this. Mr Newkirk was in a position were he seen no way out of this at this point.I THINK IT WAS THE CASE OF EITHER KILL OR BE KILLED.Newkirk is not the type that would just shoot someone down in cold blood for no reason at all.If witness would just tell the (Truth YOU WOULD FIND OUT THESE TWO HAD A PROBLEM AND IT WAS TO THE POINT WERE IT WAS GOING TO BE EITHER OR AND NOBODY STEPPED IN.IS IT REALLY CALLED SELF DEFENSE),at the time these two cross each other path and it was (WHO WAS IN THE BETTER POSITION OR HAD THE UPPER HAND ThIS PARTICULAR DAY). It could of been the other way around would it had been alright for Mr.Newkirk to be (Dead)instead.(EVERYBODY JUST TELL THE TRUTH AND WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH THESE TWO GUYS FOR IT TO GET TO THIS POINT.God knows that his mother would not want to have her son or to see anybody son killed or in this situation.My heart goes out to both families. There is always a sign but we don't do anything about it,Black on Black crime do you think anyone cares all WWAY want is news on any giving day.Lets keep it up and keep giving them what they want. Head line news.


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