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For someone who knows him....

it seems you knew an awful lot about the transpiring events leading to Mr. Williams death. Did you go forward with information (speak-up) to let "someone" know??? As you stated and I agree, if people would alarm the law enforcement of such, they could be wise to the situation. Possibly prevent such events to occur.

If you knew of the possibility (as you stated "Mr Newkirk was in a position were he seen no way out of this at this point.I THINK IT WAS THE CASE OF EITHER KILL OR BE KILLED.Newkirk is not the type that would just shoot someone down in cold blood for no reason at all.If witness would just tell the (Truth YOU WOULD FIND OUT THESE TWO HAD A PROBLEM AND IT WAS TO THE POINT WERE IT WAS GOING TO BE EITHER OR AND NOBODY STEPPED IN.IS IT REALLY CALLED SELF DEFENSE),at the time these two cross each other path and it was (WHO WAS IN THE BETTER POSITION OR HAD THE UPPER HAND ThIS PARTICULAR DAY)."



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