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??? raised by a strong BLACK woman ????

first of all i must say whoever wrote this commend "raised by a strong BLACK woman" seems to be a little behind.... what on earth does this have to do with anything? Obviously this guy was not raised right at all, otherwise he would have not went out and killed someone ... There is no difference if she was white, black, Mexican, Japanese or Polish, she did not raise him right!!! Look at Whiteville,Chadbourn and surrounding areas. There is absolutely nothing to do for young people, they grow up and their highlight of the day is going to Walmart, people around here have nothing better to do, than to walk around run their mouth about other people, spread rumors, spend their little bit of money at the ABC store, go to dogfights, or go from store to store to steal stuff.
Not everyone is like this i must say, there is hardworking people that try to take care of their kids, and show them something different. But from what i have seen, Whiteville needs to do something about getting them young people some excitements in their life, offer sports or something where they can get rid of all that energy, if you come home at night tired from work or other legal activities, the last thing on your mind will be "oh i need to go out rob and shoot someone", or "oh, i need to sit on my porch, drink a bottle of liquor and spread rumors about someone so they will get in trouble"
i have been living here for 4 years now, and what i see breaks my heart, no jobs, no money, no help for the poor, no wonder there is so much crime and violence around here. Whiteville needs a change a big one. I have never seen so much crime in a small city like this its unbelievable.


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