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Berger Foreclosure

The article refers to Karyn Crichton as Brian Berger's "ex-girlfriend." However, the mortgage document signed by them on January 5, 2009 clearly lists them as husband and wife. Big difference.

Presumably the document preparer was working off their application for the mortgage. If in fact they represented themselves as married in order to get refinanced because, for instance, Berger was not working and/or had worse credit than when they bought the house and needed to rely on the possibly better credit of Crichton (which would require that the co-owners be married )---well, that's FRAUD both federal and state, and anywhere else both would be prosecuted, found guilty and if in a job that was a position of trust, e.g. a government job or elected position, they would be removed from their jobs or expected to resign.

WWAY, please get to the bottom of this for your viewers.




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