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I know both Karyn and Brian personally and I can tell you that Karyn is a brilliant, friendly, hardworking, outstanding young woman that Brian has taken advantage of for years. Karyn was forced to end her relationship with Brian and move out of her home because she was so afraid of him. Brian moved another woman in and forced Karyn to pay half the mortgage, or the house would go to foreclosure and that would negatively impact her credit. She paid half the mortgage for years (even though she didn't live there) and hoped that they could sell or rent the house. But no, Brian wouldn't communicate with the realtor,and he trashed the house in what seemed to be an effort to keep anyone from wanting to buy or rent it. That way he and his girlfriend could stay there while Karyn paid half the mortgage for them. I was outraged when I heard this. Only the lowest of the low would be so unethical. I hope the house does go to foreclosure so Karyn can finally be done with this nut. I'm just sorry it will impact her credit for years, but I guess that's the price she will have to pay to get rid of him.
I'll never forget the day I read that Brian had won an election. I was in shock. All I could think of why would anyone vote for someone they knew nothing about. I guess it was just the old...I'm voting for anyone but the other guy thing that was going around that year. Hopefully, people will learn from this and do a little research before the next elections.


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